Members for Church Accountability Inc.

2001 Second Quarter

This is the quarterly newsletter of Members for Church Accountability. The objective of this organization is to promote accountability within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. MCA itself is primarily an umbrella organization within which representative/agents and their supporters can work to further this objective.

Section 1 - Financial Report

Summary financial statement for second quarter 2001:


Section 2 – Trustees’ Reports

Norm Smith - Secretary Treasurer

For any of you that would like to contact us by e-mail our address is: Our web site address is: alternatively, Again we would like to encourage MCA members to read this web site and to invite their friends to read it. If you don't have access to the web, perhaps you could ask a friend who does, to let you read it. It is still better for us to send our newsletter to our members by regular mail, however, this web site is an economical means of spreading the word about MCA to prospective members. Mass mailings to prospective members are quite expensive by comparison. Information about a web site can spread quickly on the Internet. If each person mails the site address with their recommendation to several friends, and they in turn tell others, the word is soon passed to a large number.

The post office requires that we occasionally make a check on our mailing list to see whether addresses are still current. The bulk mailing within USA is all that is involved here. As those of you in the USA will notice, we have sent this letter by first class mail. We are not trying to waste money, but this is a way to fulfill this postal requirement since first class letters are returned if they are not deliverable.

Section 4 - Member Letters

Because of the special first class mailing in the USA mentioned above, we are saving the member letters for inclusion in the next newsletter to keep the first class postage within the minimum weight.

Also we wanted to send along the enclosed draft announcement about the upcoming conference in California sponsored by the General Conference Reform Group within MCA. The conference will be held Sabbath, October 20, 2001 at 2:30 pm in the campus chapel of the Loma Linda University Church. We invite all MCA members to this conference and indeed all who share a concern for accountability in the SDA church. If you have further questions about the conference you may contact George Grames at (909) 335-9887.

We include the following blank for use in recruiting new members.





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