Fall 2011

The book, Fatal Accounts, by David Dennis, the former Director of Auditing at the General Conference, has been made available to Members for Church Accountability (MCA) in an electronic format. The book in its entirety has been posted on the MCA website,

Fatal Accounts reveals some of the early life of David Dennis and reviews his professional life as auditor for the General Conference including the issues that created tensions between the church leadership and the Director of Auditing. More importantly the book chronicles the termination process employed by the General Conference as well as the seven-year legal battle that ensued.

MCA is currently investigating the involvement of the SDA church in Australia (the South Pacific Division) with the Johnson Property Group (JPG) in joint financial ventures. This investigation includes an inquiry into the loan that Avondale College Foundation Investments "made to JPG for the Joint Venture and purchase of additional land." Further, MCA is seeking an explanation for the grounds on which the SDA Church lodged a "secured claim in the JPG administrative process totally $69 million"

We anticipate that MCA will have more complete information at the time of the next newsletter.

George Grames
MCA, Inc., Southern California Chapter
9450 Jeffery Drive
Redlands, CA 92373