MCA Newsletter
June 2008

As you may recall Members for Church Accountability (MCA) held a symposium in October 2001 entitled Who Watches? Who Cares?

Since that time we have been working to publish a book by the same title while expanding on the financial misadventures presented during that symposium.

Who Watches? Who Cares? was published in May 2008 in the hope of saving the SDA Church from additional massive financial losses.

Doug Hackleman, the author, takes you inside seven informative cases of administrative failure that resulted (between 1978 and 2000) in the catastrophic loss of institutions, members and scores of millions of dollars. Covered in its 379 pages are the following stories:

Nineteen graphs and tables, and an index of names, augment the narrative along with over 1,100 endnotes.


Transparently positive concluding essays by Frank Knittel, W. Arden Clarke and Stewart Shankel suggest constructive solutions for the structural and procedural weaknesses that have made these and other similar misadventures possible.

The power of these unusually readable and well-documented stories to prevent future such misadventures depends entirely on how many involved church-loving members, pastors and administrators will internalize the lessons they teach.

As the author writes on the back cover:
The greatest need of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is for well informed members to give liberally not only of their tithes and offerings but of their very best judgment as church board members, as constituency meeting delegates, as local and union conference committee members and as institutional trustees.


To read excerpts from the book, and to order your copy, and copies for others who can benefit from reading Who Watches? Who Cares? visit the redesigned MCA website:


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